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Scrimpy the thriftmac worm
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Organize your images into a single library. Use folders, tag hierarchy and search to keep track of your collection.


Set up scrolling direction, pointer acceleration, pointer speed and modifier keys — separately for each device. Your mouse and trackpad can be customized differently.


What’s better than a shortcut? An automated shortcut. Run a shortcut when you start an app, connect USB, when your wifi connection changes, you log in or out, your Mac loses power — and more.


A powerful, cross-platform raw photo processing system designed for developing raw files from a broad range of digital cameras. Features non-destructive, 32-bit processing engine, modern demosaicing algorithms, and advanced color+detail editing.


Drop your file into Encrypto, give it a password, then send it securely on its way. Adds AES-256 encryption, allows optional password hints.


Open source app lets you watch YouTube videos in a browser without tracking or ads. Subscribe to channels without an account.

Thorium Reader

Access EPUB 3 publications in reflow or fixed layout format, audiobooks and visual narratives, PDF documents and DAISY 2.02 and 3 accessible ebooks; LCP protected or not.

Disk Inventory X

Scan for a graphical representation of everything on your hard drive — and see what’s taking up the most space. Click for details and paths.

Folder Peek

Your folders live as names in the menu bar. Click to access anything in them, including documents and apps. Customize it with things like icon, size, title and sorting.


A clipboard with a lot of extras — not only a list of things you’ve copied, but also saved clips, the date, time and lorem ipsum. Smart clips are like templates where you can fill in a blank. It also does calculations.


Create a disposable email address so you can sign up for an account without fear of being spammed, targeted with ads or open to data leaks. Best used for services you just want to try out.