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Scrimpy the thriftmac worm

No in-app purchases. No ads. No subscriptions. No trials. Just 100% free Mac apps.

Learn about the history of thriftmac, how Scrimpy came to be, and a bit about me.



Run Apple shortcuts based on triggers, such as switching between light and dark mode, starting or quitting an app, stopping, starting for recording audio — plus much more.


Use Lua code to create automation that interacts with apps, windows, keyboard and mouse events, clipboards, wifi, and much more.

Network Utility

Check on your network connections using several different tests in one package with this revival of the utility that used to come with OS X.


Keep track in the menu bar of the hours and minutes you are active on your Mac. The timer goes if you’re using the mouse or keyboard, and pauses if you’re not.


Lightweight image viewer has the ability to open a wide variety of formats, including WebP, HEIC and SVG. Can also save-as to many formats. You can scan and display the images in a folder, plus a number of editing functions are included.


Share files with nearby devices, including Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. File transfer is peer-to-peer with end-to-end encryption. Easy discovery of other devices.

Red Lines

Create a grid or layout on the full screen or the window of your choice. Can also put lines where you want them and save them as sets. Includes a zoom tool and is highly customizable.

Menu Bar Spacing

Use a slider to decide on the spacing between menu bar items. A shortcuts action enables automated spacing adjustments for various scenarios.


Have Wikipedia always handy in your menu bar. Search for a subject or roll the dice for something random. Also supports, French, Spanish and German.


Highlights show differences between two versions of the same text. Easily combine the best parts into a new file. Can also be used for code.


Share your keystrokes in screencasts and presentations, or while collaborating with others. Can also show mouse clicks.


Organize your projects and workflows by gathering everything you need in one place — all with quick access. Features widgets for opening files, embedding web apps, searching the web, making to-do lists, and more.