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System Color Picker

A nice app version of the color picker that comes with your Mac. It can be invoked from the menu bar or record your own shortcut. It gives values in hex, hsl and rgb.


This one comes with scripting capabilities that “can make the player do almost anything.” Make your own or grab one from the wiki.


Features include: real-time preview of effects, cross-platform support, multi-selection for delicate editions, efficient editing of large files and fully featured spectrogram.


Customize backup intervals for Time Machine — by number of hours, by calendar date and time, or when inactive. Macworld has a good writeup.


Sometimes you need to take a break from the computer. This app will remind to do just that — at intervals you set. Lots of other little features.


Add extra powers to the share menu: copy, save as, open in, and more. Available in any app that has a share button.


Mix in real-time the various components of your tracks (vocals, instruments, kicks, hihats, etc.) for live mashups and seamless transitions — opening the door to new ways of mixing that were not possible before.


This clipboard distinguishes itself with a search input for when the number of items you’ve copied gets unwieldy. There is a free version, but it’s hard to find on the site. Use the download button below.