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Scrimpy the thriftmac worm
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Learn about the history of thriftmac, how Scrimpy came to be, and how to get links for contact and the RSS feed.


Knowledge base works with local plain-text markdown and org-mode files to write, organize and share your thoughts, create to-do lists, and much more.


Knowledge base, with markdown support for plain text files, helps get your thoughts in order with a graph view. Extensibility allows for much customization of anything you do with text.


Allows you to set the direction of the touchpad and mouse wheel separately. Also can make scrolling smoother.


Open links in the browser or matching app of your choice. Custom rules let you open links based on which app the link was clicked in.


Open source digital compositor for VFX and motion graphics. The software features powerful keying and 2D tracking tools that are staple for all current film production visual effects. Flexible roto and rotopaint tools can generate unlimited layers of masks, mattes and shapes.


Customize your Mac keyboard — simply change normal keys to other keys or set up complex rules.


Create customized widgets for your desktop, based on system commands. Output the data in charts, graphs and tables that you design.


Open source all-in-one home media server for managing and streaming your media with an emphasis on privacy.

Scaler Bandwidth Monitor

Stay on top of your Mac’s download and upload speeds in the menu bar. Click to visualize with a chart.


Put a pomodoro timer in your menu bar. This technique breaks tasks into timed intervals with set rest periods in between. The app keeps track of the times for you.


Organize your to-do lists by day of the week, and get a seven-day look at what’s coming up. You can also make custom lists. Allows for notifications and tweaking the appearance.