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Scrimpy the thriftmac worm

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Learn about the history of thriftmac, how Scrimpy came to be, and a bit about me.

MenuBar Weather

Get the current weather and a forecast the week from your menu bar. It updates live in the menu bar, and you can click for details and the forecast.


Control the brightness and volume on external displays from the menu bar with controls that fit right in with your Mac’s look and feel.

HEIC Converter

Those pictures you take with your iPhone are in a format called HEIC. If you want to share them on the web or with non-Apple users, you need to convert them to JPG or PNG. That’s what this app does.


Find a web page, even one with live updates, and make it your wallpaper. You can interact with it in “browse” mode and add custom styling and scripts.


Lightweight editor promises to instantly start up, load files and respond to keystrokes. It supports GitHub Copilot, and you can use GPT-4 to generate or refactor code. Multiple developers can navigate and edit in a shared space.


Get the day’s high and low in the menu bar along with a dropdown giving hourly forecasts for the day. Choose from eight different themes.


In this open-world space opera, you can pursue fame and glory or eke out a humble existence, starting with a Cobra III multi-role ship and 100 credits in spare cash.


Flash cards with several modes, including true/false and multiple choice. Supports importing from other apps, text to speech and 10 different themes.


Control playback, and show current song, for Spotify and Apple Music from the menu bar. Also control shuffle, repeat options, volume and output device. There is an optional floating mini player.


A calculator that uses a combination of numbers and text. Features include variables and up-to-date exchange rates.


An image compressor with all the options up front. It keeps the original and has the option to resize.


View your spaces in the menu bar in one of four different styles. Rectangles, numbers, rectangles with numbers, or named spaces. Icons indicate whether a space is active.