No ads, no trackers, no strings attached — just awesome free stuff for your Mac

Check out the free Mac apps we use at thriftmac

The apps we use at thriftmac

The best way to judge an app is by often you use it. If you’re using it a lot, there must be something good about it. Here are some free Mac apps that I use on a regular basis. There might be better paid equivalents, but these all meet my needs.


Handy place to keep all your passwords, which is in turn protected by a password. Options include syncing and password generation.


Click to keep your Mac from falling asleep. Simple as that.


Display the date and time the way you like in the menubar, plus get a handy little calendar.


Really fast and doesn’t track you.


Drag and drop images for optimal compression when every kilobyte counts. Options allow you slim down even more.


Makes it incredibly easy to sync a folder on your Mac with the cloud service of your choice. A great way to do backups.


Good at finding a file even if you only remember part of the name.


Organize all your news feeds in one beautiful interface. Easy to share stuff, too.


Organize and sync your notes, wherever they happen to be.


Slick enough to make you want to switch from Apple Mail.


Plays pretty much any video you can throw at it. Honourable mention goes to IINA.

VS Code

Leaving the others behind with a ton of updates, but you never know with a new kid will ride into town and take over the code editing crown.